Voto Latino Text Messages Statement

Voto Latino Text Messages Statement

In text messages sent on behalf of Voto Latino to voters in KS, NJ, IL, NC, and VA, we sent text messages designed to encourage voting that may have caused confusion amongst voters. We take full responsibility for these mistakes and have issued correction texts.

Specifically, in some of our texts, we sent addresses and images of drop-box locations when we intended to only include in-person early vote locations. In addition, we didn’t specify in our text that we were trying to encourage voters to vote early, and so many voters familiar with their election day vote location were confused and thought we were telling them to vote on election day at an early vote location.

Our intention is only to support all voters in their ability to easily and legally vote at their assigned vote location and we have reached out to all voters that received a message from us to send corrections encouraging them to seek accurate information from their secretary of state.

This has caused a lot of confusion for voters and we are sending the correction texts referring voters to the secretary of state websites. We are deeply sorry for this and understand how crucial it is that voters receive accurate information, especially in this environment of increasing voter suppression efforts.

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