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Movement Labs works with a diverse mix of progressive candidates and campaigns that are working to build a better country. Our volunteer texting team (13,000+ strong) helps move people to take action in their local communities.

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Steven Strasberg

Dunwoody, Georgia

I think texting with (Movement Labs) is the best things I do to help Progressives win more offices. We reach a bunch of people and have some great conversations. It’s great when you inform someone about an election they didn’t know about and you get them to go vote!


Stephanie Wilkinson

Petaluma, California

I've been on the ground floor with this wonderful texting team. I love getting a group together and introduce new people to texting, or just texting on my own. We will hopefully never phone bank again.


Stacey Graves

Oakland, California

This is my favorite texting organization! I love to get a few friends together for happy hour and text together!

Our volunteers have worked to build power and elect progressive candidates in almost every US state.