Powering the Movement

We’re data junkies, mobilization organizers, technology nerds, and political agitators who are passionate about doing the most good that we can.

Yoni Landau

Former White House OMB and Robert Reich staffer. Co-founder of, a campus food co-op organizing non-profit. Non-profit, organizing, and advocacy consultant. Yale MBA.

Business Development
Alan Hyman

Music enthusiast, recovering Finance Director and social justice activist. DC native.

Volunteer Director
Brianna Kirkland

Racial and Social Justice Organizer. Protest enthusiast. LGBTQIA+ Activist. Lover of Books. Prairie View A&M Alumna.

Cassie Kifer

Campaign & nonprofit communications consultant, and grassroots activist. Former organizing researcher and digital comms for SEIU. Master of Urban Planning & Policy, UC Irvine.

Resist Program Manager
Char Singleton

Organizer. Creative. A deep passion for building power. Six years in Labor and Community organizing. Dream Defenders member. USF' 12

CER Partnerships Manager
Gracie Fleming

Protest attending kid turned policy wonk & advocate. Geographer by trade, Midwesterner to the bone. Trying to fight that good fight every step of the way. DePaul ‘19.

James Dubick

Veteran campus and digital organizer. Oregon native. Formerly with the student chapters of the Public Interest Research Groups. Political Science grad, Amherst College.

Operations Manager
Jasmine Shirey

Social justice activist at the intersection of systems, policy, & language. Student of Black, Queer, Feminist writings & Postcolonial Theory. Dog lover and literature nerd. Claremont McKenna College '18.

Data Manager
Jessica Clark

Climate and energy researcher. Spreadsheet queen. Passionate about sustainability and holding our leaders accountable. Columbia University BA.

Volunteer Success Associate
Katherine Arrandale

Citizen scientist, cat enthusiast, and online activist. Graduated in 2018 with a degree in biology from UF.

Operations Director
Michael Ratliff

Organizer and policy nerd. Love dogs and our public lands. Wheaton College '16.

Contest Every Race Director
Peter Schurman

Peter has run our Contest Every Race program since 2018. 30 years of progressive organizing experience, including founding ED at MoveOn. Yale MBA.

Operations Associate
Tonya Slobuszewski

Organizer, LGBTQIA+ & civil rights activist. Mental health advocate. Animal enthusiast. Lover of nature and all things art related. Moto: Be part of the change!

Development Associate
Sarah Long

Advocate for a democracy that benefits all. Driver of civic engagement. Former nonprofit senior program manager and development director. Lover of books, animals, and nature. English BA from IUP.

CER Research Associate
Sarah Sadique

Climate justice and LGBTQ+ activist. Passionate about civic engagement. Lifelong Midwesterner who loves reading, hiking, and playing violin.

Advocacy Program Director
Shabd Simon-Alexander

Passionate advocate. Community builder. Creative strategist. Entrepreneur. Textile historian. Co-founder of Let NY Vote. Uses creativity, joy, bold vision & innovative solutions to drive change.

Data Analyst
Ryan Whittingham

Data wrangler and tech enthusiast. Loves chess and hiking. UF political science PhD.