Our Story

Power at the local level, everywhere.

Resistance Labs supports front-lines progressive leaders in rural and conservative areas. We do so to protect those that are most at risk and tangibly improve the lives of those left out of economic progress. We are critical infrastructure that amplifies activist leaders’ voices, creates new connections for them, and helps the progressive movement build power in underserved areas.


Between our launch on May 1st and November 18th 2017, we recruited and passed off 70,060 activists for 514 events/actions targeting key legislators. Our 1,107 volunteers have supported a network of 248 red area grassroots organizers in 41 states. We are the largest peer to peer progressive texting program by volume in the US, edging out MoveOn and Planned Parenthood.


As progressives have migrated away from rural areas, social justice leaders are increasingly isolated and under-resourced. These leaders in critical areas must be supported to heal the nation. To understand how to help in critical areas, we surveyed and followed the progress of leaders of newly formed resistance groups in OH, NV, AZ, ND and FL between February and April 2017. Three data points rose to the top of our research:


  • 53% of leaders mentioned member communication when asked their top challenge
  • 42% of groups listed their greatest success as an action targeting a key lawmaker that got press
  • 31% of group leaders mentioned burn-out when asked about their top challenge


Resistance Labs addresses all three of these. It is a system built on Spoke that uses peer-to-peer SMS to reach people directly and ensure critical actions are well-attended. It reduces burn-out by requiring no added work from organizers and supporting them with contact information of volunteers to delegate work to.