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Movement Labs (formerly Resistance Labs) is a not-for-profit movement incubator and the leading peer-to-peer text political consultancy supporting progressives and grassroots activists nationwide. Our clients span both establishment and movement efforts, from senior Democratic Congressional leadership to Black Lives Matter. We sent over 150 million texts and were an important tool used in many of the critical wins of the 2020 elections.


Movement Labs uses new technology and an army of volunteers to build power for poor people and progressives. As a social enterprise, we invest profits from our operations to fund new social welfare organizations or work pro-bono for critical grassroots initiatives. For instance, we have incubated Contest Every Race, a partnership with Democratic state Parties that has recruited over 2,000 candidates to run against otherwise uncontested Republicans far down ballot, with a 54% win rate.


In 2021 our incubated programs will address the growing threat of radicalization on the far right, assess the turnout impact of scalable neighborhood and relational organizing strategies, prepare to win key 2022 races and more. We have twice won competitive funding from New Media Ventures and twice won the Analyst Institute’s “Expy” award for experimental leadership in progressive politics.


At Movement Labs, our full team is 100% focused on maximizing our impact, with a nimble, no-drama culture. We treat our team as family and put our employees first, offering strong benefits, unlimited paid time off, flexible hours, and career advancement.


We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Through experimentation and analysis, the Director of Knowledge will lead a small team improving tactics and providing causal proof for data-oriented (especially SMS-focused) programs.


The Director of Knowledge will select, design and conduct experiments and analysis – including A/B testing, randomized control trials, and machine learning analysis of large data sets. This knowledge will support fundraising for newly incubated programs that fill key gaps in the movement ecosystem. You will draft communications to be disseminated to leading progressive and Democratic partners. Finally, synthesizing performance metrics into actionable insights across all channels, your work will improve Resistance Labs’ client services that span the DCCC to Black Lives Matter.


The Director of Knowledge is a key position for the future and growth of Resistance Labs, working directly with the founding CEO to design experiments and with the Deputy Director to coordinate the execution of experiments. You will also work closely with the Communications, Fundraising, and Sales teams to drive the rapid scaling of effective experimental analysis. You will manage a highly capable quantitative political science PhD with data engineering skills.


A successful candidate will have a strategic mindset to design experiments based on short- and long-term political goals as well as strong analytic/programming skills and significant experience with testing.
For more senior candidates, there is room to elevate this role to the Senior Director level.




  • 5-7 years of experience working in politics or a politics-adjacent field (social sector ok) with 4+ years’ in political analytics, political science, and/or equivalent
  • Experience designing and evaluating political or communications programs, including randomized control trials
  • Experience as research manager preferred, with ability to review code in R
  • Experience communicating complexities to general audiences, data visualization experience preferred
  • Management experience required, strategic leadership experience preferred




$70-100k for Director level, $100-$125k for Senior Director; benefits including vision, dental, 401k, basic home office reimbursement and unlimited paid time off.




Email a resume to


Help make sure no Republican gets a free pass into office!


Every year, hundreds of thousands of elections for public office go uncontested nationwide. Contest Every Race recruits regular people with good values to run for office in red and purple states, so we compete everywhere while building the Dem bench and helping get out the vote.


We’re hiring a Political Research Team Organizer to help lead a team of volunteers who search online, make hundreds of phone calls to county and municipal election officials, learn which races are up for election and check who has filed to run. This position will help with other volunteer-driven research projects as needed.


This job is a great way to make a real difference in American politics from anywhere in the US. We’re getting traction and proving that our methods work, so our program is growing. To date, we’ve recruited more than 2,300 candidates. You can grow with us as a key member of a small, distributed team, led by people with high-level experience. You’ll work directly with interns and volunteers who are passionate about turning our country around, and your attitude is to “get things done”.



  • Help manage the day-to-day intern- and volunteer-driven research operation
  • Structure volunteers’ work
  • Monitor volunteer progress and check their accuracy
  • Address volunteer questions
  • Help maintain high morale among volunteers




  • Systematic & detail-oriented approach
  • Great online research skills
  • Comfortable with repetitive research-oriented work
  • Positive, assertive, yet tactful phone manner
  • Driven toward efficiency
  • Strong, persuasive writing skills
  • Meticulous about completing Google Sheets
  • A passion for politics or for beating back racism and fascism.


This role will begin as a contractor for 30 days at $18 per hour. At the end of the 30 days, there is an opportunity for it to become a full-time position with access to health benefits. Seeking a commitment through December 2022. This position is entirely remote.




Email with your resume, availability, and a bit about how your background and interests are a fit for this role. Be sure to begin your subject line with “Research Team Coordinator”.




Movement Labs is seeking Spring 2021 interns to help implement our text bank campaigns and provide support for special projects. We are seeking interns in the following areas:

  • Communications – social media, website, etc.
  • Operations – texting campaigns, administration, etc.
  • Volunteer management – support, research, trouble-shooting, etc.
  • Business development and marketing – reporting, sales, research, etc.
  • Data and technology – data management, queries, SQL, etc.


Additional interns are needed to join our Contest Every Race (CER) research team. CER is an organization managed by Movement Labs that uses peer-to-peer texting to recruit progressives to run for office, specifically in traditionally-uncontested local races.


“CER is seeking late winter and spring interns who will help with our research efforts and offer support to our candidate recruits. You will be identifying Republican incumbents and filing requirements in down-ballot races as part of our statewide initiatives to recruit progressive candidates. You will work with a team of volunteers who search online and make hundreds of phone calls to county and municipal election officials, learn which races are up for election and to check who has filed to run. This role is a great way to make a real difference in American politics from anywhere in the US.”




  • Passion for uplifting the work of progressive activists, organizations, and candidates
  • “Get it done” attitude
  • Demonstrated detail-orientation
  • Ability to work independently and regularly communicate status updates
  • Ability to work well both in groups and individually
  • Ability to take instruction well
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Systematic in your approach to projects
  • Online research skills
  • Competence in Excel/GoogleDocs
  • Ability to communicate clearly, directly, and patiently
  • Comfort using peer-to-peer texting programs and digital organizing tools
  • Remote experience helpful


Interns for Movement Labs and Contest Every Race will work remotely and will receive a stipend for a minimum of 15-20 hours per week.




Submit your resume and a brief cover letter including your work availability (days of the week, hours) and the type of internship you are interested in by Monday, March 1, 2021, to Internships will be filled as applications are received.


Movement Labs (formerly Resistance Labs) has sent over 200 million texts since our founding. As we look to the future, we are seeking a Director of Data & Technology to help us manage our data and improve our operations with automations and new technology.


The Director of Data & Technology will work with the Deputy Director to manage the incorporation of new technology and automations to streamline our operations, reporting, and analysis to improve team effectiveness and support smooth multi-layered program execution.


The Director of Data & Technology will also work closely with the Operations and Knowledge teams to improve the quality of the data that we use, including voter file information (both for targeting and for RCT evaluation), volunteer data, and potentially donor and partnership data. They will also support streamlined operations of technology for new programs and new uses of new data sets such as location-based data appended to the voter file.


A successful candidate will have a strategic mindset around how to use data for short- and long-term political goals as well as significant experience with voter file management.




  • 5-7 years of work experience, at least 2 years in politics-adjacent work
  • Extensive experience connecting data sets and flows
  • Experience managing large amounts of voter file data, including outside of VAN
  • Experience managing databases or automations engineers preferred
  • Experience with randomized control trials
  • Creative thinker with a learning mindset
  • Comfortable thinking about program strategy
  • Passion for progressive politics




$80-110K benefits including vision, dental, 401k, basic home office reimbursement and unlimited paid time off.




Email a cover letter and resume to




This role will lead a new, partnership-focused program driving state-level and federal advocacy to bring power and dignity to poor and marginalized communities. Rather than developing a brand and activist list, you’ll work through state-level partners – both for input on bill and legislator targeting, and while conducting mobilizations. You’ll also work with a team of volunteer researchers to help pour through state bills, lift up important work and send millions of texts.





  • Ensure that our volunteer team sending ~5+ million texts a month is impactful: passes policies that build power and dignity for poor and marginalized communities, demanding and supporting a progressive Biden agenda and influencing state legislatures
  • Help select partner think tanks or advocacy groups in 15-30 states and stay in touch with leadership of these groups to generate calls to action
  • Bring discernment to when a massive mobilization would be productive, and structure rapid response SMS outreach, especially federally
  • Guide our director of knowledge in designing research illuminating effective calls to action for different legislators
  • Be responsive to a large volunteer texter base as they bring up ideas for national advocacy, potentially lead a volunteer research team uncovering advocacy opportunities
  • Co-create a new large-scale movement advocacy program, interfacing with funders and bringing creativity and wisdom to the long-term program design


You are a social safety net and justice policy wonk. You are obsessed with the minutiae of passing policies, with vote counting and different ways of applying pressure to legislatures from the outside. You also love thinking about (and have a lot of professional experience) mobilizing volunteers to take action digitally, and in particular through SMS. You think that the movement ecosystem could use fewer national organizations and more collaboration with local and statewide groups.




  • 4+ years in progressive policy advocacy related roles
  • Experience drafting calls to action (SMS, and cold outreach experience preferred)
  • Experience measuring the effectiveness of calls to action
  • Willingness to work long-hours and in a rapid-response capacity
  • A proven passion for social and racial justice
  • Direct legislative or lobbying experience preferred
  • Policy analysis or thought-leadership experience preferred
  • Knowledge of state legislative procedure of several states preferred
  • Strong relationships with national and state-based advocacy organizations preferred
  • Experience working in marginalized communities preferred




$60,000 – 80,000 for 4-6 years experience, up to $100,000 for senior-level experience. Benefits including vision, dental, 401k, basic home office reimbursement and unlimited paid time off.




To apply, email and with a resume and cover letter, using subject line: “Advocacy Role – Last Name – Favorite Current Bill”, ex: “Advocacy Role – Landau – California AB 71”

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