The Impact Lab

We put texting tactics to the test to reach out to voters in important districts.

The Impact Lab at Movement Labs tests texting tactics to increase civic engagement in underrepresented communities. We’re the world’s leading experts in using scaled SMS and MMS to generate voter engagement. We’ve conducted over 1,000 A/B tests and dozens of randomized control trials that prove the causal efficacy of text to increase voter engagement.

Case Studies

Polling Place Image – VA Treatment

On October 31, 2021, we texted over 150,000 voters in Virginia who did not vote early. Each text included a picture of the building that voters in that precinct use as a polling location. Voters who received the text were nearly 1% more likely to vote.

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Chase

Many voters in all-mail states may throw away their ballots if they don’t recognize them – formal texts using voters’ addresses generated a 1% increase in returns.

Positive GOTV Messaging – VA Treatment

In October 2021, we tested the impact of positive and negative GOTV messaging. Voters who received the positive text were 0.25% more likely to vote.

Put Your Message to the Test

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