Make Calls!

We’re incorporating phones into our work to see what’s possible when text and phone banking join forces. We’ll be testing the best ways to galvanize voters to register, sign up to vote by mail, mobilize, and more!


To get started:


  1. Watch our training video.
  2. Make an account.
  3. RSVP for our weekly voter registration phonebanks with Black Voters Matter (6pm ET / 3pm PT Thursdays)
  4. Watch Slack for announcements of new campaigns.

1. Take the Training

Note: We’re working on updating our training, but until then you’ll see references to the Georgia Senate runoff election and our old name. Thank you for your patience!

2. Make an Account

Taken our training? Sign up for an Empower Dialer account here (if you haven’t already).

3. Start Calling!

Check Slack #announcements or our Current Campaigns to find a live campaign. Be sure to join the #call-team-help channel on our Slack!

Extra Credit

Want to learn how to better connect with people by telling your story? Check out this quick Personal Story Workshop!

Live Zoom Trainings

Every Wednesday at 6 pm EST we host a live Zoom training on how to get started calling with us. Find a day that works for you and RSVP!

Phone Trainings. RSVP now!

Training Video

If you can’t make a live training or don’t want to wait to get started, check out this recording of a previous training.