A Full Guide to 10DLC for Texting Campaigns

A Full Guide to 10DLC for Texting Campaigns



Watch out folks, new regulations are here. If you’re using Movement Labs, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Come find out what you need to know, how to get registered, and to ultimately breathe easy as you start texting!

What is 10DLC? 


Well, to put it simply, 10DLC is a new set of regulations from the phone carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, etc..) requiring all texting traffic to be registered.

Carriers are trying to reduce spam messages as more and more companies realize the power that texting has to reach anyone and everyone. This has led to significant changes in setting up texting campaigns. 


The Impact of 10DLC on Text Campaigns as a Whole


As Movement Labs runs tests on the difference between sending texts sent with and without 10DLC registration, and we’ve found that registering significantly improves delivery & open rates.


Further, by eliminating bad actors from the texting space, our perspective is that end-recipient perception of one-to-many texting campaigns will improve. 


How to Comply


We strongly suggest registering your campaigns. What does that entail for you? Outside filling out a quick form, absolutely nothing. Movement Labs will take care of the entire process from there.

From the beginning, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps. 

We’ll have you fill out our 10DLC registration form, and we’ll take that information to The Campaign Registry. The Campaign Registry is simply the central hub all the carriers use for 10DLC registration. We know the ins-and-outs, and will get your brand approved in no time.


Reducing Risk

To start, having backup scripts on hand is a new necessity. Since carriers won’t share the words they block automatically, it is imperative to have new drafts on hand so as not to delay the campaign. Through testing, we are able to highlight a non-exhaustive list of flagged keywords. Make sure to keep it in mind as you draft scripts!


Short-links also make a difference, as sending the same URL from the same 10-digit number will have your text campaign stopped in no time. Luckily, Movement Labs can take care of that for you.

Important note: if a text gets spam blocked, that’s the person being texted. The carriers have no control over that! As you think about your campaign, it’s important to remember that people who need information from you will be less likely to report the text as spam. Be thoughtful when deciding who to reach! Movement Labs can walk you through the process and find a target audience that works for you.

Understanding the Risk


If you still have doubts, know that 1) the April 1st ruling Facebook vs. Duguid essentially removed TCPA liability for texting and 2) that the FCC recently redefined texting as an “information service”, rather than a “communications service” removing their jurisdiction over the issue in terms of FCC fines. 


Together the Facebook vs. Duguid ruling and the FCC’s definition of texting mean that the greatest risks of texting are fines and fees levied by carriers. But we have never seen fines and fees levied.


We are so confident in our understanding of the risks and the overall 10DLC process that Movement Labs assumes responsibility for legal risk as well as fines and fees on behalf of our customers. 


Don’t believe us? 


Getting Started


It’s time to get texting! To register your 10DLC and get the process started you will find a non-comprehensive list of everything you need to get started below:


  • Company name
  • Address
  • EIN

As the registration time extends, it’s important to get registered as soon as possible. As of May 3rd, 2023, Campaign Registry is taking up to 2 weeks to complete registrations. 


Stay ahead of the curve and set up a call if you’d like to discuss with our team



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